Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To Help People Lead Fulfilling Lives!

Athena Compass Reckons Three Pillars as The Key Evidence of a Fulfilled Life.


Achieving one’s dreams and goals gives an early sense of fulfillment. Though often identified with materialistic pursuits, achievement is an essential
part and an early index
of attaining Fulfilment.


Apart from the results of achievement, emotional connect with the task & enjoyment of the path taken to achievement is equally important: The X-factor to fulfillment is the enjoyment that people experience with achievement & the means engaged for achievement.


During the progression of career and life, one passes through several milestones. At every milestone what value one leaves behind for others is important. When one is appreciated and remembered for the value they had left behind, it leads to fulfillment.

All the streams of services at Athena Compass would incorporate Achievement orientation, Enjoyment quotient, & Legacy creation.

Our Mission

To Become an Acclaimed Resource to Develop Leadership for Individuals and Organizations.

The major beneficiaries of one’s leadership are self, the immediate team & other stakeholders around, and the organization itself.
Different skills are demanded at each of these levels.

Individual Leadership

A practising or an aspiring leader
needs to possess several essential
building block skills such as self-awareness,
self-management, goal setting,
tenacity with a positive attitude
and winning with a personal

Interpersonal Leadership

Successful leaders achieve results by
leading and developing their teams
purposefully; They leverage
their peers, upper management
and others. Interpersonal skills,
formal managerial skills, influencing skills,
etc. are demanded at this stage.

Organisational Leadership

Building a leadership position for one’s organization, be it a department in a large setup or one’s own enterprise, is certainly a legacy that leader can leave behind. Business & organizational history remember the people who leave such lasting organizations as their legacy to stakeholders.

Athena Compass programs & solutions in Coaching, Training, & Consulting streams are aimed at developing leadership at all the above levels, focusing on appropriate skills.

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