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Athena Compass offers Coaching, Training and Consulting solutions to develop leadership competencies for different contexts:

Executive Coaching

Develop your high potential executives into fully blossomed leaders for the future of the organization.

Athena Compass Executive Coaching Program offers individual attention to executives and works within their context. The client executive imbibes the thought process and becomes self-sustaining to handle such issues and enhances job role performance.

Athena Compass executive coaching service is available for

  • Organizations who would like to invest in their high potential executives (HiPots) to create a “leadership bank” within.
    • Athena Compass can offer coaching services to identified HiPots
    • Building an internal pool of Coaches within an organization - a primer to coach training
  • Self-Initiating Individuals who would like to invest in their own development and be visible in their environment as a high potential (HiPot) executive..
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Skills Training

Leadership skills are developed on firm foundations. These are the building blocks of essential skills – personal, interpersonal, job role related and managerial skills - that enable inculcation and development of leadership competencies among individual executives.

Naturally, the investment in this building blocks starts even before the executive is identified for growth as a leader. Or, when they have just moved into a new role.

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An entrepreneur faces a lot of challenges: Operational issues keep them immersed in their day-to-day challenges while the long-term entrepreneurial dream keeps popping up, reminding them of the larger goal. Balancing these two calls become very demanding on the entrepreneur. Organisational Development Consulting offered by Athena Compass is a solution to such entrepreneurs. The areas of consulting include the following:

  • Operational Sustainability
  • Operational Excellence
  • Organisational Development for Transformation
  • Management by Delegated Authority (Profit Centre, Responsibility Centre)
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Athena Compass Consulting is the India Partner for REACH Ecosystem that encompasses all facets of REACH profiles and beyond.

REACH Profile fits this requirement effectively:

  • REACH Profiles support a wide selection of specialised applications, including personal growth, team-building, leadership development, sales training and recruitment.
  • REACH Profiles are Simple to administer and Easy to Use
  • REACH Profiles are versatile and can produce multiple reports from participants' responses without having to retake the survey
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