"All coaching is, taking a player where he can't take himself” - Bill McCartney
(Highly successful Football coach of University of Colorado Boulder, USA)

Prepare your executives today ... Get them ready for tomorrow!

The middle-level executives of today are the senior leaders of tomorrow!

Recognize your high potential executives, reward them with executive coaching and strengthen your leadership pipeline. Coaching now trends as a positive &, developmental assistance to high potential executives for their grooming as future leaders.The benefits of coaching go beyond the outcome of training inputs.

Hear It from HBR

Executive Coaching helps people realize and live their potential.

"There is no question that future leaders will need constant coaching. As the business environment becomes more complex, they will increasingly turn to coaches for help in understanding how to act. The kind of coaches I am talking about will do more than influence behaviors; they will be an essential part of the leader’s learning process, providing knowledge, opinions, and judgments in critical areas......”

(Excerpts from “What Can Coaches Do for You?” published by Harvard Business Review – Jan 2009)

So, the need for Executive Coaching is Real, Here and Now! And, it can be used by executives, entrepreneurs, NGOs, and everyone.

Why Coaching?

Individual and Contextual Attention with Coaching

With the disruptive changes and open business and economic environment, VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) world has become a standard feature, ironically, in the executive life. It affects every executive level – Top, Senior, Middle levels or even the individual contributor - though in different degrees. Their needs are different and specific. Their problems are of different nature.

Hence Coaching, with its one-to-one attention, would help them greatly to be effective in their job role delivery.

Building Leadership Pipeline of High Potential Executives

In current times, Coaches are engaged more to accelerate the leadership development of the identified high potential leaders and performers. Front-running organizations perceive Executive Coaching more as a booster and accelerator rather than as a remedial fixer.

Coaching enhances the leadership pipeline bench strength with its customized attention to the executives within the overall context of the organization. The organization is ready for the next disruption.

Coaching … Works With and Beyond Training:

A successful training program may still end up with different takeaways for different executives. So, high potential executives could benefit a lot from an individual attention given by a professional coach. The coach interacts is with the executive within the context of that executive. A coaching engagement works in tandem with training inputs – it can be an outcome of a training program and It can uncover new and relevant training needs!

What Does a Coach Do?

A coach works with the executive, understands the context of the executive, jointly explores for possible answers, offers many different perspectives, and encourages the executive to choose the best path. The onus is always with the executive. In this process, the coach helps the executive live their potential.

Why Choose Athena Compass for Coaching

  • Professionally trained and certified executive coach(Download Detailed CV)
  • Coach certified from International Coach Federation (ICF) and conforms to the ICF Code of Ethics
  • Coach has hands-on industry experience in functional domains, as a business leader and in organizational development
  • Coaching would focus on the business needs of the executive and would relate to the personal issues that are relevant to the business issues, as against pure life coaching
  • Athena Compass also has a network of other coaches and can be engaged, as required

Coaching Services Offered by Athena Compass:

For Organizations:

  • The coach can work with individual high potential executives identified by the organization
  • For larger organizations, a primer program on coaching can be imparted to suitable senior executives of the organization to help them coach other executives at a basic level.

For Self Initiating Individuals :

  • Invest in yourselves; be ready & visible as High Potential Executives within your organisations.

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