“In the business world, the rear-view mirror is always clearer than the windshield.” - Warren Buffett

Enterprises are born of a desire & a dream of the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur is always faced with tough challenges: getting a foothold in the market: making the right choices on product, market & people, managing the financial health and, of course, steering the enterprise for the future.

Athena Compass offers Consulting solutions to address the concerns of the entrepreneur and maintaining a comfortable balance between Growth and Control.

Concerns of The Entrepreneur

Operational Sustenance and Excellence:

How to be self-sustaining by successfully managing the operations for profitability? Athena Compass helps in advising the entrepreneur to sustain the operations during difficult times. Once the solutions are found, the practices are embedded into operating procedures and build operational excellence into the enterprise.

Structure and Stability:

With the growth of the enterprise comes the need for structure. And the organization needs to be stable in the face of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) world. It needs people of high caliber who can play a larger role in organizational expansion and growth. Athena Compass consulting helps the entrepreneur to establish structures, systems and procedures that suit their strategy and to ensure stability.

Succession and Longevity:

At some point in time, the question of succession becomes important. The organization needs to be long lasting as well. The executives holding key positions must be empowered to drive their respective businesses independently. Yet this must be done with appropriate control remaining with the entrepreneur. Athena Compass steps in with establishing appropriate delegation, authority and accountability systems that helps the enterprise to emulate large professional organizations yet giving the comfort of control to the entrepreneur.

Areas of Consulting

With the hands-on expertise in Marketing, Strategy and Organizational Development, you get support in:

  • Functional areas such as Sales, Marketing and People, Working Capital.
  • General financial health, Information & Control systems
  • Strategies and plans for immediate term transactional growth as well as long-term growth with Professional Culture Building and Value Creation.
  • Creating & establishing a sound decentralized decision making & control system with adequate room for the operational managers to freely operate even as the entrepreneur holds essential controls
  • The keenly pursued balance between control & freedom.

Why Choose Athena Compass for Consulting?

  • Flexible and approachable Typically Suited for Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Focused on Professionalising Your Enterprise, Leaving That Developed Organisation, Sustainable Organisation When You Retire
  • Concerned Both About Transactional as Well as Transformational Requirements.
  • Follows a coaching approach, with the entrepreneur being committed to the process
Some of our Projects

Industry Type Experience in Consulting:

  • Automobile Showroom Business
  • Heavy Vehicle Service Franchise
  • Construction Equipment Dealership
  • Power Generator Dealership and Service Franchise

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