“Knowing Yourself is the Beginning of All Wisdom” ― Aristotle

Growth stems from Self Awareness by the person concerned – may be an individual contributor or an identified high potential employee or an existing leader within your organisation. A well-chosen Psychometric test greatly aids such self-discovery. When the tool adds feedback on personal strengths and challenges as well as the guidance to leverage and develops certain skills for role effectiveness, it becomes a powerful development tool to build your leadership pipeline at all levels.

Athena Compass Consulting is the India Partner for REACH Ecosystem that encompasses all facets of REACH profiles and beyond.

REACH Profile fits this requirement effectively:

  • REACH Profiles support a wide selection of specialised applications, including personal growth, team-building, leadership development, sales training and recruitment.
  • REACH Profiles are Simple to administer and Easy to Use.
  • REACH Profiles are versatile and can produce multiple reports from participants' responses without having to retake the survey.

REACH Profile maps the person’s both style based measures and Skill based measures on twin axes of Relational Drive and Achievement Drive.

REACH Profile also gives a unique measure, REACH QUOTIENT (RQ). RQ indicates additionally how far the present level of skills can be adapted and stretched to connect and interact effectively for collaborative achievement.

RQ itself is evolved from a decade long research covering over 55,000 people across 5 Continents and virtually every major industry type in the world.

RQ has been scientifically validated as a reliable measure of skills and traits.

Growing the RQ is correlated with performance growth, thanks to the REACH Ecosystem platform



Provides mapping of the Relational and Achievement drives in a matrix, RQ measure, Identifying and dealing with different profiles, feedback on the component dimensions of the Relational and Achievement Drives, Areas of Strengths and Caution.


Summary of the approach of the individual towards Communication, Conflict and Decision Making.


A thorough review of an individual's selling style - the way they tend to navigate the sales cycle. Providing insights based on specific steps (such as building rapport and closing the sale), this report offers an ideal resource for training and developing new sales professionals, as well as more experienced in the profession.


A comprehensive insight into the individual’s approach to exercising influence on others. A comparative presentation of the individual with 15,000 other respondents is shown for benchmarking on 10 dimensions. An immensely useful tool to improve existing leaders and to groom high performers to take on leading roles. Assessment on 16 competencies for leading effectiveness is also provided.

REACH Ecosystem helps Organisational Development by its 360 surveys and Culture Surveys.

Learn more about REACH Ecosystem are available from here

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