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"Leadership & Learning Are Indispensable To Each Other" ― John F. Kennedy.

"Leadership & Learning Are Indispensable To Each Other" ― John F. Kennedy.

Recruiting people with the right talents is just half the job – Equipping them with required skills gets them field and performance ready!

People still make the difference, despite the leap of technology. They are the differentiators, with their human connection with the internal and external stakeholders.

Skills need to be imparted and continuously upgraded to meet the changing demands of the environment.

Invest In People

When most organizations follow the same or similar technology such as Automation and Artificial Intelligence, what would be the differentiators for any organization?

“In Most Companies, There Is A Rigor About The Financial Side, But Numbers Don’t Drive The Company, People Do.” *

The same interview goes on to assert that the fast pace of change makes everyone including the CEOs to be continuously learning and having to increase to focus on People and their Talent.

So, the answer is here: Invest in People & Up their Skills!

Soft Skills Distinguishes an Executive!

Stakeholders, especially customers, stay well informed. The executive must go beyond mere knowledge and must possess superior technical and interpersonal skills to be successful. Equipping people with the right skills is as important as recruiting the people with the right set of talents. In addition, due to the fast pace of change and the skills need to be continuously upgraded.

Skills - the Building Blocks of Developing Leadership

The leadership progression is built upon solid foundations – of certain orientations and skills at the individual levels, skills that are required for job role delivery; skills to fit into a new role and perform effectively. Training programs on executive skills help the organization equips leadership pipeline with the relevant competencies.

Why Athena Compass Consulting For Training?

Why Athena Compass Consulting For Training?

  • More Than 15 Years Of Experience In Design, Development & Delivery Of Training Programs For Large And Global Corporations
  • 26 Years Of Work Experience That Provides Insights Into The Ground Realities Of The Organizational Machinery
  • Customised And Focused On Your Training Needs (Business Type,  Environment,  Key Deliverables)
  • Aimed At Behavioral Change (Stage III Of Training Effectiveness)
  • The Methodology That Includes Interactive And Introspective Discussions, Activities Games And Exercises

The Range Of Training Programs (Programs Can Be Customized To Your Context & Needs):

The Range Of Training Programs (Programs Can Be Customized To Your Context & Needs):

Managerial & Leadership

  • First Level Manager Skills
  • General Managerial Skills (Manager Of Managers)

Leadership Building Block – Essential Executive Skills

  • Communication Skills
  • Effective Presentation Skills
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • Team Working, And Conflict Handling
  • Negotiation Skills

These programs are meant for executives at managerial levels too. The content and quality of discussion would match the roles of the training audience, as required.

Specific Function/Job Role Related Skills

  • Problem Solving
  • Decision Making
  • Selling Skills & Value Selling
  • Business Marketing
  • Customer Handling
  • Customer Relationship Management

Additional and combination of skills can be designed to suit specific needs.

Training Experience – Types Of Organizations/Businesses
  • IT Services Major
  • Retail Businesses In High Value Durables & Capital Goods
  • Helathcare Lab Services
  • Power Transmission And Distribution Equipment Major
  • Specialised Engineering Corporation
  • Management Institute-Business School
  • Multi-Divisional And Air Conditioning Major
  • Life Sciences Major (PSU)
Types Of Audiences Dealt With
  • Manager Of Managers
  • Managers
  • Individual Contributors
  • New Entrants (Typically Graduate Engineer Trainees)
  • Postgraduate Students Of Management
About ReachAthena Compass
Developing Leadership is the tangible purpose at Athena Compass Consulting. Through Executive Coaching, Skills Training & Business Consulting, we pursue developing leadership at individual, interpersonal and organizational levels.
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Adding value to recruitment and selection using both Scientific and Interpretive approaches is common practice and is a great use of psychometrics. However, the information provided in either approach should not be how decisions are made, interpreting a report as the decision-making tool would be considered misuse of the tool. There are many reasons why psychometric instruments should not be used as a decision-making tool.

Firstly, it describes a person’s most common natural style, it doesn’t mean they can’t or wouldn’t be able to perform well. Additionally, there are many aspects of a person beyond personality that are equally or more important.

For example, if your organization communicates in a particular language, and the candidate doesn’t speak or read that language, their natural style will be of very low importance compared to the language barrier. This is a simple example, however, there are always many other factors to consider than just personal style so these tools should always be used only as an additional piece of information.

Proper use of any psychometric tool is to provide the recruiter/interviewer with prompts to begin more explorative and purposeful interviewing to help make a more informed hiring decision – not to ‘make’ a decision.

Important Note: The information contained in REACH reports describes certain behavioral preferences and tendencies derived from the participants’ self-reporting. While such patterns of behavior tend to be consistent over time, these can change based on circumstances beyond the scope of what has been measured by this survey. Therefore, this information does not represent a comprehensive measure of psychological traits, nor does it claim to represent a prediction of future behavior. No part of this information is intended to convey a psychological, medical, or psychiatric evaluation, and in no way is this information intended to convey an evaluation of employability. This information is intended to provide insight that is useful in coaching, team-building, and other aspects of professional development and training. No employment decision should be made based, in whole or in part, on the results contained herein, and no indication of suitability for employment should be inferred or implied based on the REACH Survey.